former employee's email


You can assign former employee's email address to another employee.


  • Creating a shared mailbox is the less expensive way to go because you won't have to pay for a license as long as the mailbox is smaller than 50GB. Over 50GB and you'll need to assign a license to it.
  • If you convert the mailbox to a shared mailbox, all the old email will be available, too. This can take up a lot of space.
  • If you set up email forwarding, only new emails sent to the former employee will now be sent to the current employee.
  • Depending on how you choose do it, email forwarding may require the former employee's account to continue needing licensed.
  • IMPORTANT: If you're setting up email forwarding or a shared mailbox, at the end, don't delete the former employee's account. The account needs to be there to anchor the email forwarding or shared mailbox.
    1. Go to the former employee's email .
    2. In the Office 365 admin center, select Users.
      former employee's email
    3. Choose the employee that you want to block.
      former employee's email
    4. Click Mail Settings. Next to Email Forwarding choose Edit.
      former employee's email
    5. Turn on Forward all email sent to this mailbox. In the Forwarding address box, type the email address of the current employee (or shared mailbox) who's going to get the email.
      former employee's email
    6. Choose Save.
      Remember, don't delete the former employee's account.For more information

For more information on how to secure a former employee's Office 365 data see Overview : Remove an Employee and Secure Data in Office 365