Additional Email Protection

Seamróg Technology Solutions has partnered with INKY to provide an additional layer of email security, protection, and user education.

What is INKY?

INKY is a phishing prevention and education tool that uses banners at the top of emails to inform users of the security status for inbound emails and malicious links.

FAQs About Email Banners

What is INKY Phish Fence?

INKY Phish Fence is an email protection product that uses sophisticated machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze incoming messages for signs of phishing, spam, and other email-based threats.

Why Am I seeing these banners at the top of my email?

The banners are inserted to alert you of any possible threats in your emails. The banners also display the email sender’s address and mark if an email is internal (from someone in your organization) or external.

 What do the different color banners mean?

A gray banner indicates that nothing unusual or suspicious about the message. Even though the message was not classified as threatening, you should always check the displayed sender address and the source type to be sure it makes sense (e.g., an external webmail address for a message from a colleague may be cause for concern).GrayBanner

A yellow banner indicates that something unusual was found about the email message. It is not necessarily phishing or dangerous, but something you should be aware of. For example, a request for sensitive personal information should be given extra scrutiny. Mail that seems out of the ordinary or is spammy in some way may receive a yellow banner.YellowBanner

A red banner indicates that the message is suspicious and likely to be phishing or dangerous in some other way. This includes brand impersonations (e.g., a fake “account alert” email from your IT department), blocked phishing URLs, or attempts to spoof mail to look like it came from an internal company account.


What should I do if I receive an email with a Yellow banner?

Look carefully at who the mail is from and whether it is from someone you trust. Be especially careful about clicking any links in the body of the email or opening any attachments.

What should I do if I receive an email with a Red banner?

In most cases, you can simply delete the message and move on. Seamróg Technology Solutions has configured your mail server to quarantine or delete “red-flagged” mail before it reaches your mailbox for most questionable email. In other cases, the mail will still be delivered with the banner telling you to be careful.

What Does the “Report This Email” link do? How do I provide feedback on the analysis?

If you think a wrong classification has been made, or if you just want to confirm that it is correct, click the “Report This Email” link found in the bottom right corner of each banner. This will take you to a web form where you can indicate that the message is truly Safe, Spam, or Phishing. You can also provide a comment describing your assessment. This feedback is used to automatically improve predictions in the future. Your submissions are also manually reviewed to improve the overall system and ensure that you are provided the most accurate security possible.

Why do I see an INKY Phish Fence page when I click an email?

Part of the protection is the ability to perform real-time checks on any links you click. If this feature is enabled, clicking on links in a yellow or red banner email will take you to a page reiterating that INKY found the message to be unusual or suspicious. In some cases, a message that originally only had a grey banner contains a link that is later detected as a dangerous phishing URL. In that case, when you click the link, INKY’s real-time check will detect you clicked on a bad link, and you’ll be met with a blocker page alerting you of that fact.

What should I do if I have questions or comments about the Phish Fence?

Please contact us at  We will be able to help fine-tune your policies and settings to help make things work as smoothly as possible.

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Email Signature Management

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