Our Clients

When There is An IT Problem Everything Stops
We contact Seamrog Technology Solutions, and they attend to it, usually with real time remote access to get it done.  We are dealing with someone who knows our system firsthand and can get us back up and running immediately.  Waiting for someone to get back to us is just not acceptable and with Seamrog Technology Solutions we do not have that problem.  We have complete confidence in their know how.
Mike F
Founding Partner
Seamróg Technology Solutions is upfront and honest with IT costs
Previous IT companies we worked with had us buy expensive equipment that we didn’t need!

Most companies do not have the knowledge or time to handle IT issues and Seamrog Technology Solutions has made it so much easier! They understand the other programs that we use and, this is extremely helpful.

They have good listening skills and understand what your business needs from them.
Jen H
The Level Of Trust I Have Is Unsurpassable
I have literally been asked for Seamrog Technology Solutions’ phone number from another company’s IT director so that Seamrog Technology Solutions could help them resolve an IT issue they experienced.

Their resolution response time and accuracy is far superior compared to other IT firms I have worked with. They genuinely cares about their clients and their sense of urgency in resolving issues is phenomenal.

We have peace of mind knowing that our technology assets are protected.
Jennifer M
I Sleep Better At Night Having Seamróg Technology Solutions As A Partner In Our IT Toolbox
Seamróg has a backend on-line portal that allows easy management of all our domains, including tracking and updating renewals. It is a one stop shop for all things domain related.

Above all else their response time on any IT issue is very quick and courteous. They have a broad range of knowledge across IT platforms and are knowledgeable in finding a resolve.
Alex Q
IT Manager
I Consider Seamróg Technology Solutions A “Partner” In My Business
From the initial meeting and continuing, Seamróg takes all the time necessary to understand my needs & my budget as a small business. They understand the CPA timing processes and delivery requirements needed for me to provide services to my clients. Seamrog Technology Solutions always responds immediately and efficiently when my requirements are disrupted. I consider them a “partner” in my business. For me, this is the trust that any small business would desire.
Chuck B

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